work with June

“I bring love, integrity, intelligence, honesty and a playful humor into all that I do. I believe in co-creating committed, open and sustainable partnerships that welcome fun and radiate joy.”





Every creative being gets stuck sometimes. It’s good! It means your next breakthrough (aka Level UP!) is right around the corner. With the right support guiding you through the process, you’ll get there faster than on your own.

Entrepreneurs, Executives, Public figures and Creatives; are you are ready to expand fully into your life?


speakinG + appearances

Every Conference and Summit needs a warm and energizing spark that encourages people to light (and lighten) up. Every stage needs someone who’s magnetic, smart, real and funny to warm up the audience and spark conversation.

Event & Experience Planners, are you looking for someone to light up a room organically at your next event?


workshops + events

Want your team to get creative, get excited, get talking, get on the same page and shine together? Or are you looking for loving support, wisdom and tools for your own personal growth? Let’s co-create an energizing workshop for your company, team, or community. Or partake in an empowering event hosted by me.

Community builders/seekers, this way!