rebecca cha


June has a precise and clear way of untangling the thoughts you might have, not just about yourself but your place in the world. She is simultaneously empathetic and objective - she gives you her full, kind attention but also catches you on your bullshit - so you actually discuss what is really going on.

Her advice was focused on actionable stuff - not just making you feel better. It felt like a productive use of time. I left our session feeling really hopeful and more cognizant of what was holding me back, which is pretty incredible considering that we only had a couple of hours together. I highly recommend her.



My experience coaching with June Wee-Grant has been remarkable for many reasons. She is a very different type of a coach in that she creates an especially safe environment to explore my deepest thoughts and fears. We worked on both some shadow and some light areas in my life. I felt guided in a gentle and kind way. I felt honored and accepted for whatever came up within our coaching sessions. It felt completely natural to work with all the elements she included: energy work, intuition, listening to her guides, and deeply listening to me.

The tangible qualities I take from my time with June are more self-confidence, a way for me to accept exactly where I am and who I am being, and the reminder that I need to acknowledge more things about myself. I loved the way June weaves energy and intuition into each coaching session.

If you are someone who isn’t afraid of receiving poignant questions or looking deeply at your “stuff”, June is a perfect match for you. Working with June these last few months made me a stronger person, not only in confidence but in trusting myself.


josh zimber


June is incredible!  She's helped to open my eyes and focus on the bigger picture.  I came to her with problems (things I wanted to change, get better at, take ownership of), and she's put me on the right path ensuring I'll get everything I want in life, and more! 

Many people don't think they need tough love, but they're wrong. June will hold you accountable for what you say, and ensure you're doing what needs to get done. 




I spent so much time thinking about how to take my life and biz to the next level, but working with June was like putting all of the progress I wanted on the fast track.

June asked the questions needed to get to the core of what I needed way more quickly and effectively than I ever could have on my own. Her questioning, perspective and tools totally ramped up the changes I wanted to make, and took them out of my own head and into reality.

One thing I especially appreciated was how she was able to see things clearly and without the bias of friends and family They can always make me feel better, but don't have the distance, expertise or clarity to give me the tools I need for (the right) action.

June has become a secret weapon for success and enrichment. She helps me make progress in my life that is deliberate and fulfilling.