ONE-ON-ONE coaching

My one-on-one coaching programs are as unique as my clients are. Because no two persons are the same, and certainly neither are their challenges and dreams. I believe in providing full service because I don’t know how to be half-assed.

I have helped clients move from inertia to accomplishing life transitions such as:

- find their life purpose

- leave their corporate jobs

- start their own businesses

- grow their businesses

- migrate homes

- become parents

- improve relationships with their partners

- work-life balance

- find their community

- gain self-confidence and more

My coaching style is grounded and loving - born out of over three decades of studying people, a University degree in Sociology and Human Behavior, a keen interest in Psychology, Philosophy, and Metaphysics. I am trained and certified in Transformation Life Coaching and Holy Fire Usui Reiki Healing Levels. I have invested heavily in my learning journey, and have personally worked with international coaches for almost a decade. I bring all this to my clients and continuously add value where I can because I’m an all-in type of person.

I have over twenty years of coaching experience and have worked with a diverse group of international clients ranging from Entrepreneurs, Mid-Senior Level Corporate Executives and Independent Creatives, across the US, Asia, Australia and Europe.

I combine magic and logic to help my clients dance through their problems, take action, and turn their dreams into reality.

Traditional methods yield traditional results.

But I am able to point you toward fucking-EXTRAORDINARY-gasm.

Why do you want to be there? Well, why would anyone not want to be there!

I believe in “How you Do Anything, is How You Do Everything”.  As a result, my coaching extends through all areas of Life (Business or your Career is a part of life and is not separate).

I am a creative soul and a badass when it comes to honoring intentions. I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all program. I listen with a full heart, asks questions, go where nobody dares to go (deep), and challenge you to step into the greatest version of yourself. That’s where you live YOUR best life in the warm seat of your happiness.

Expect to experience a combination of Magic + Logic when coaching with me. I marry intuition with pragmatism, and weave gentle and tough love to get to the heart of every challenge that stands in the way of the Breakthroughs I know my clients deserve.

Motivating, Healing, Encouraging, Loving, Supportive, Empowering, Surprising

I am unapologetic in my dedication to co-creating seemingly impossible results with my clients. I believe in always having a positive attitude - even when the going gets tough.

A coaching relationship with me will include 1:1 video calls, weekly practices, powerful distinctions, practical tools, and so much more.

It’s super intimate, one-on-one coaching, so it’s important to be committed, because we go deep and I will support you through it all as you find the answers within you that have been waiting for to be discovered.

Coaching is an investment and can get intense - but it will shift your life in a way that your Soul will thank you.


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“June is a unique, inspirational individual with great insights and experience that can help guide anyone into reaching their full potential.” - Brian Prinsell


June is an exceptional thinker with an abundance of creativity, energy and positivity. She whole-heartedly puts her intuitive strengths into her work and toward helping others. She is a visionary and a superb networker. I highly recommend June for anyone seeking to re-invigorate their life and career with new ways of seeing themselves and envisioning their future.” - Michele Gallagher


“June brings a focus, energy, and commitment to results that is rare.” - Darlene Lee