"I spent so much time thinking about how to take my life and biz to the next level, but working with June was like putting all of the progress I wanted on the fast track.

Through a series of conversations, June asked the questions needed to get to the core of what I needed way more quickly and effectively than I ever could have on my own. Her questioning, perspective and tools totally ramped up the changes I wanted to make, and took them out of my own head and into reality.

One thing I especially appreciated was how she was able to see things clearly and without the bias of friends and family (who are always generous with their time, thoughts and advice). They can always make me feel better, but don't have the distance, expertise or clarity to give me the tools I need for (the right) action.

June has become a secret weapon for success and enrichment. She helps me make progress in my life that is deliberate and fulfilling." - Elizabeth Cannon


"I had my first session with June through a video call. She listens attentively, asks questions that makes you think further into understanding yourself, and the purpose of your goals. Her way of coaching is very practical and she provides guided steps to make that can be easily applied daily. Even with the distance and time difference, June’s energy exudes positivity, vibrancy that is very infectious. As a person, June has a brilliant heart filled with compassion and love for others. Her spirit is beautiful and fearless! I’d love to work with her further and I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a life coach to speak to her. Thanks June :) xxx" - Afiah Sawawi

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"June has been a patient, thoughtful and honest coach through and through. Her advice and messages have always been positive, and with much substance to think and work through in order to make tangible changes in your behaviors and attitudes. She is not afraid to ask you tough questions for you to take yourself to the next level. She helped me to get through some tough challenges, and I would be forever grateful for her genuine advice. Thank you June :)!" - Yin Son